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Choose a data transfer that meets your expectations.

Our migration tool, Migra, always ensures a high quality transfer, no matter the size of the database. For instance, in Montreal, the GMF Santé Kildare (more than 30 physicians) and the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex (nearly 100 physicians and other providers) trusted us in the transfer of their patient charts, which was a great success from beginning to end.

With all the time and effort put into your patient charts, keep them intact by choosing a well-orchestrated transfer.

Ofys is a certified Electronic Medical Record since 2011. It is the evolution of Med-Office, which was part of the first wave of licensed health softwares in Quebec.

All-in-one solution for a paperless clinic. Everything you need is there: integrated fax, electronic signature, self check-in, and more.

Ofys is an intuitive and innovative product that will last over time. Choose a solution for the long term.


Be safe
Opt for telemedicine with Ofys

Logiciels Info-Data was the first EMR supplier in Quebec to integrate
telemedecine in its EMR, on March 19 2020.


A company involved in its community

Logiciels Info-Data has been supporting the SPOT clinic in Quebec City since 2014, a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the health of vulnerable and marginalized people. To support this social initiative, the company offers the use of its Electronic Medical Record Ofys, free of charge. Having access to electronic records improves the quality of care and facilitates the follow-up of this clientele in need. 

Since February 2020, the company also supports the community-based organisation NOVA Montréal, whose mission is to provide quality in-home care to individuals nearing the end of life and the family members who support them.